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Tool Change  
The Smart Robot Assistant can also be used to change and replace machine tools. This includes the steps of provisioning, measuring, transportation and assembly.  
Smart Robot Vision  
With our range of services in the field of Smart Robot Vision, we support our customers on their journey to a fully automated and intelligently networked production.  
Smart Cobot Trolley  
With the new Cobot Trolley, ONTEC creates a flexible handling system that can be easily integrated into existing processes and relocated at any time.  
Creel Loading  
The Smart Robot Assistant is made to automatically load creel systems. Contact us today for more information regarding this appliation to increase ergonomics and flexibility of your production…  
Smart Robot Assistant  
The ONTEC Assistant perfectly combines a powerful and efficient intralogistics platform with a precise and intelligent robot handling. This product is ONTEC's answer to the modern requirements in…  
ONTEC:SPSComm is an industrial interface tool that lets you easily access your machine control.  
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ONTEC is the system provider for the field of holistic and innovative automation systems, plants and special machines for industrial production.  
Inspection Systems  
AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS INSPECTION SYSTEMS Optical inspection system for passenger cars and truck mirrors Test system for spherical and aspherical mirrors Checking for damage or inclusions…  
AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS PROCESS FACILITIES Developing process systems is one of our core competences. We can design as well individual assembly cells as complete production lines. Our self-developed…  
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